Are you regularly calling India from Singapore?

We have good news for you – calling India from Singapore is now cheaper than ever!

Find out how you can save on calling India from Singapore with 1-talk services

calling india from singaporeThe most popular means of calling India from Singapore are mobile phones and free online applications. But that is about to change soon. Thanks to the providers of VoIP services such as 1-talk we are entering the next stage of the evolution of mobile and internet services. This next step is marked by the development of Voice over IP services, which allows to make computer to mobile phone and mobile phone to regular telephone calls. Learn how VoIP calls are made and why you should choose 1-talk as the main provider of Voice over IP services.

In the traditional framework to make a telephone call you need a telephone device of your own. One of the solutions provided by VoIP services is the alternative means of connecting with mobile and regular phone users. You can now reach them through the internet instead of the traditional telephone network. All you need is an open access to the internet and an application such as 1-talk, which allow to transfer the internet packages to regular telephone network. All you need to make a VoIP connection is a computer or smartphone with an access to the internet on one side and a computer, mobile phone (with or without an access to the internet) or a regular phone on the receiver’s side. It is also important to highlight the fact that VoIP services come in excellent quality, much better than the quality offered by free online applications.

What benefits does this solution offer to everyone, who is regularly calling India from Singapore? The most important benefit is competitiveness in terms of costs of such calls. Does your mobile company charge you more for calling India from Singapore than for domestic calls? Does your mobile plan include additional monthly fees? 1-talk services have none of these! It does not matter if you are calling India from Singapore or from any other country covered by 1-talk offer – the price per minute of 1-talk call remains the same regardless of your location. On top of that, 1-talk services are based on pre-paid solutions, so there are no additional fees for keeping your account, no monthly fees and any other types of additional payment. All money transferred to your account is spent on calling India from Sinapore. And you can transfer as much money as you want – there are no limitations and no requirements regarding the amount of money in your 1-talk account.

Try 1-talk services for free! Go to the company’s official website, where in a few simple steps you can create a new user account and have a little amount of money transferred to it free of charge. You can spend it all on your first VoIP call and check the quality of our services for free.

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