Calls to India have never been cheaper!

The more expensive means higher quality?

Only not this time and not in our case! The biggest advantage of choosing 1-talk service is that you get really high quality at really cheap rate. We guarantee to provide you with the best quality, stability and reliability for as low price as it could be.

Indian smartphone

Why choose 1-talk?

  • Fair price!
    - You pay only when you talk;
    - Per-second billing;
    - No connection fees or any additional hidden fees;
    - You can always manage your time and money;

  • Best quality!
    - Reliable India calling service;
    - Strong and stable enough to support long calls;
    - We are working only with direct suppliers in India for all mobiles and landlines providers;
    - We are dealing with the leading global telecommunications companies;

  • Easy to use!
    - Availability of the app: you can download it for free to your device;
    - Simple interface;
    - Just enter the number and enjoy your call to India!

How does it work?

If you want to make VoIP unlimited calls to India with 1-talk you need to make few simple steps. First of all you need to download our app into your smartphone or computer and to go through simple few-steps registration. 1-talk is a pre-paid service. It means that in order to make a call you need to have some amount on your account. There are many advantages of the pre-paid system. The most important thing is that all the money you transferee into your account are used only to make VoIP calls. It gives you an opportunity to decide how much to spend on calls before making them, so you can control your money on your own. You will never be asked to provide any additional fees for using 1-talk calling service. To make a 1-talk call you need an access to the Internet – wi-fi or other broadband Internet connection. That is so simple! Fortunately in the 21st century it’s not a problem! Most of public places nowadays are giving free wi-fi access. And most mobile operators provide us with the mobile Internet.

With that you are able to make VoIP calls to India from any location, it does not matter which country you currently reside in. You can travel around the world and your 1-talk service always travels with you, without any additional roaming fees!

Enjoy the advantage!

1-talk is a reliable calling service for VOIP unlimited calls to India and cheap international calls all over the world. We care about our customers and always provide them with the best quality at cheap rate. Our main purpose is to make your life easier by saving your time and money. Try our service today and enjoy the advantage of using 1-talk!

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