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National flag United Kingdom
Mobile O2 Peak, Mobile H3G Peak, Mobile Vodafone Peak, Mobile Orange Peak, Mobile T-mobile Peak0.025
Mobile T-mobile Peak0.029
Mobile Tismi Off Peak0.075
Mobile Tismi Off Peak0.078
Mobile Lyca Peak0.195
National Calls0.211
National Calls0.227
Mobile Alternative Peak0.272
Landline, Landline London, Landline Wide numbers, Local Calls0.2784
Mobile Others Peak0.28
Mobility services TISMIB0.324
Personal Numbers0.397

How to call to United Kingdom?

It's very easy! The biggest advantage of VoIP calls is its price - it will be much cheaper than by using your mobile operator. It doesn't matter which country you are calling from - our price does not depend on your location.

All you need is to download the 1-Talk application, Sign Up and log in with SIP ID and SIP password, no additional settings are needed. Our SIP phone support Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G Internet connections. You are also free to use any other applications, you just need to add settings to your SIP phone and call without any problems. All needed settings will be added in your profile. Asterisk and SIP telephone can also be configured through our service. But please notice that one account can be logged on from one device only, so if you want to call from several devices at the same time, you can register several accounts.

Otherwise you can always contact our support team and your problem will be solved shortly.

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