1-Talk IOS Edition

About 1-Talk IOS Edition

   1-Talk IOS Edition is a SIP-based phone for the Apple iPhone mobile digital device, iPod touch mobile digital device and iPad mobile digital device. With 1-Talk IOS Edition, you can use the Wi-Fi internet connection on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to make and receive calls without using cellular data. In addition you can use 3G and 4G connection for phone calls when you aren`t in a Wi-Fi zone. You can to call to Australia as well to Angola or to any other place in the world. All you need is to download the 1-Talk application and log in with SIP ID and SIP password, no additional settings are needed.

1-Talk IOS Edition

1-Talk IOS Edition has all the standard telephone features, including:

• Support for Audio call.

• Speakerphone, Mute, and Hold.

• Call history list of received, missed, and dialed calls.

• Audio codecs G.722, G729, AMR, GSM, PCMA, PCMU, Speex(8Khz), Speex(16Khz).


Audio Calls Requirements

  Your device must run on iOS 5.0 or higher.

Supported devices are: iPhone 4 and higher, iPad (all the models), and iPod touch 4th and 5th generation. For best performance, we recommend the newest generation of devices.

 Getting Ready

1.Once you have installed 1-Talk IOS Edition, make sure you have set up Wi-Fi and cellular data correctly on your device:

• Set up Wi-Fi: from the main IOS device screen, tap Settings, turn on the Wi-Fi field. Choose a Network. Tap to choose an access point and wait for the item to show a checkmark (indicating that you are connected).

• Set up cellular data (if it is applicable): from the main screen, tap Settings > Cellular data and turn on the Cellular Data field.

2.Obtain the following information from your 1-Talk profile on our website.

• Your username, password, SIP Server.

• Display Name is required. you should fill it as you want.

3.Tap the 1-Talk icon on the IOS device.

Setting up 1-Talk

  To use 1-Talk as a phone, you need to create a SIP account on 1-talk website. You won’t be able to make calls until you register on our website.

 Making Phone Calls

 Starting 1-Talk

    In the running application 1-Talk for IOS in the main window, you must enter SIP login and SIP password which you received after signing up in the website.

 Making Phone Calls

Advanced Options allows configure Name, Transport, Enable Logging and view About 1-Talk

Using the Numpad

  Use the keyboard to input the account you want to dial, then tap the audio button in the numpad to launch a call.

 From the Contact List

   Enter the contact tab bar item, scroll to search the contact and tap it. A prompt appears for you to confirm the call or the call starts immediately.

Сontact selection

 Call History

 About call history

 The call history stores data about all the inbound, outbound and missed phone calls. The data store includes: date and time of call duration, call type, call account.

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