HowTo use Linphone and 1-Talk Service

           My name is Dan. I decided to write this article when I faced with a connection problem with my friend of childhood who had gone to Nepal. We try not to lose touch and periodically communicate with the help of the Internet, and recently I decided to try phone calls over the Internet. I use OS Windows 10 and I had to finduser-friendly app. At first, I used 1-Talk but later I decided to try another app. Of all the applications I found most of all I liked the Linphone. Especially Linphone can be configured for 1-Talk and we didn`t need to create a new SIP address, because you can use your account from 1-Talk in Linphone. Also I put first things pleasant interface and usability. Some of my friends, whom I advised it, told me about a problem with the settings, and I decided to make a small review of Linphone, maybe it will be useful for someone.

                                    I’ll start from the beginning. There is Linphone for Windows 10 in Store,

for other versions you can get it from To do this, go to the tab Linphone => downloads, select Linphone Windows Desktop, Mac OSX and GNU / Linux and download Linphone for Windows.

After the app was downloaded, setup it and run. In opened window we create the account. To do this, click on the “Forward” button.

Input your SIP ID, SIP password, SIP server and click “Apply”.  Line “Proxy” let empty. Enter your email and name that will be displayed in the application and the password, then press the «Apply».

From now on you can use Linphone with the account from 1-Talk without change the SIP address. To make calls open the app and input to empty line SIP address or a phone number. After that, you will receive an activation letter on your email. We open mail and activate the account
If you want to use another language, go to options=>preferences=>user interface and choose the language you would like to use. This is enough to make full use the app.